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Re: Is this punishment enough?

He's almost 9. I feel like I really need to do a harsh punishment because he has been lying so much. I've been catching him in lies almost every day. He's writing 100 sentences because last time he only had to do 50 and he doesn't seem to be getting it.

I don't want him to sign my initials. Ever. If I looked at it and forgot to sign, I would feel bad. But I didn't see his planner because he forgot to bring it home. He would have lost 2 character counters and he would not have been able to attend the vacation party. I feel like he is old enough to be responsible for bringing home his planner daily and if he forgets, he should suffer the consequences ie not attend the reward party at the end of the week. I know he did it because he would not have been able to attend the party.

I am really surprised that some folks wouldn't punish at all. I feel like I'm being easy on him.

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