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Re: Is this punishment enough?

Originally Posted by Tris View Post
Have you ever forgotten something as an adult?
Obviously lying needs to be addressed, and its just an awful stage that they work through eventually, but the punishment I think would be most effective to prove the point would be to go with him before class or after and have him explain to his teacher, in front of you, what he did. He'll lose his points and not get the party, and that seems like a good consequence for lying.
I wouldn't punish him for forgetting something, it would be hypocritical. My mom always trusted me to sign stuff if I needed too, and I was always honest with her about what I was signing.
Yes, but as an adult, if I forget something important, there are consequences too. So if I forgot my badge to get into work I'd be late for work and get written up or whatever.

Now suspend disbelief for a second, pretend I lost my badge and then faked one or used someone else's to avoid the consequences of forgetting my badge. In my line of work that would be a huge security violation and have much bigger consequences than just being late. I could have gotten fired and prosecuted for something like that. I agree that losing the party is a good consequence for forgetting the binder, but I think the bigger issue is the forgery and it is a separate offense. If the OP's son had an understanding with his mom that he could sign stuff for her with her permission that would be different. But he forged her initials in order to avoid the consequences of forgetting the binder. He lied in order to get what he wanted and that is an integrity/character issue.
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