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Re: Anyone have 2 sacs, but only 1 baby and hb?

I've had 2 multiple pregnancies. With my first pregnancy (a triplet one) we saw 3 sacs but only one had an embryo with hb. I sadly lost all 3. With my 2nd pregnancy I again had 2 sacs-one with an embryo and hb at 6w when the 2nd sac was still empty, second sac had an embryo and hb too at 7w then but embryo was too small for GA. At 9w baby B no longer had a hb but baby A developed into my now 6 year old son.
I think it depends on how far along you are. Even at 7w my OB was still hopeful for baby B to 'make it' because it only measured 6 days behind which is in range.
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