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Re: BSRB and GM Question

I just bought one of each used but I have a few questions:

1. Are there any special washing instructions or is it pretty standard?
you can wash them just like the rest of your diapers. I do, but some people like to air dry the shells to prevent them from shrinking. then they throw them in the dryer for a few min to fluff.
2. What is the little oval pad in the BSRB for? Just extra absorbency?
just extra absorbency

3. I know these are supposed to be one size, but the rise doesn't seem too adjustable. (I have the kind with snaps) What's the smallest baby you think can realistically wear these?
I have not used either one on a nb. Both I got when DD was about 15ish lbs, but if you check over in extra fluffy you can probably find picture threads for both
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