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Re: For the momas with buildup/stink/ammonia/new 2 CD momas/or washing trouble.

Oh hun, I really hope it helps!
When you do the tub soak, use as hot of water as will come out of the spout, use PLENTY of dawn (and a softner if you need it, I can't remember), and let them stay in the tub for as long as possible. I REALLY hope it works for you. If the washer pans out, you may wanna use dawn in every load as you are proned to ammonia. Up the fluids of the kiddos, use vinegar in the rinse (if you don't have the hard water that reacts with the stink that sometimes comes with useing it). The vinegar is great at removeing the detergent left behind. I can't remember what detergent you used, but tide original liquid and arm and hammer rock! Also, remember that kids n pets at walmart. The blue and white bottle. They may be able to order it for you. It's just enzymes like that bac out soak stuff. It just rocks! We went camping for a week and I had some major stinkey diapers when we got home, it was 100+ deg out! Fresh dipes on the first wash. I can't recall the ammnt of bleach you tried. I remember it ruined some dipes a while back for you. When you get the tub soak done, try adding it to the water in the machine, then adding the dipes. No need to soak, that will comprimise the fibers. Call clorox for all the info you could ever want if you need to. I'd seriously use 3/4 cup for a reg tl'er, not sure of the size of the machine you are looking at, adjust as needed. If I remember correctly, clorox said a full 1 cup for all machines, big ones, to sanitise diapers. Then you can just periodically use it as you see fit. This is just a bunch of ideas I'm tossing out here. Tey are your diapers. I just hate to see you keep haveing to do this over and over. It breaks my heart! Seriously. !!!!!!! I wish I lived near by so I could help you troubleshoot!!!
I know you have experience with diapers, but can I offer some ideas?
Store the paile in a used room, not a closet. Bacteria love dark places. Use a ventilated pale or bag, don't close it up. If you use a can, ues a liner that can be washed too, or a trash bag that can be swapped out. Or, even just toss the can in the tub to be washed with a cleaner like mr.clean with antibacterial agents. Dry it well. Perhaps squirt a tad of the kids n pets in there. There are also those baking soda ****s, or even the darn fridge box. You could also sprinkle it over dipes. Rise dipes? Wash on sanitary, do the prerinse on hot or warm to rinse out more urine and feces. Crank the hhw heater. Add an additional rinse with vinegar. Be sure to give a goog liquid detergent a shot. Suds in the final rinse arn't as bad as people think as long as there arn't too many. Be sure the detergent has enzymes. They attack biological wastes. Call tide and request a manager to help if you have a bunch of questions. It took them a month to get back with me, but was worth it! Only a real high up persion will know the real answers. The liquid detergent is formulated to rinse much cleaner than powder. I tried powder yet again. I just love the smell. It left the smell so strong because it didn't rinse clean. I removed my drawer to do my once a month cleaning, ther ewas wowder gunked up all in it. DH banned me from useing it again because of the septic and machine. He had done it before but it was on sale and I figured if I used it with the super hot sanitary if would desolve better. I'm deff not saying it will work better for everyone, it's just worth a try. I'm trying to think here... The dryer, be sure they are 100% dry before folding. The dryer will greatly reduce moisture content. No moisture for any growth, kwim. Plus, the heat will aide in killing anything bad in there. Detergent again..find the happy medium. It should be enough to really get them clean, just not too much to be leaving buildup for the ammonia to cling to. They really often go hand in hand. Oh, for hard water, borax is awsome! Calgon is great too, just more expensive.

I hope i havn't overloaded you. I just really want to see you enjoy cloth and the kiddos. I have prob already said most of that. Sorry for any repeating! I'm so forgetfull.

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