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Originally Posted by sarahannecloud9
I have soft water so I can't even use 1. It oversudsd my machine. I just stick to the original liquid. My water is so soft, I only use half way to line 1. That less than I would normally ever recoment. It really depends on your water type. Reg-hard water, 1 or 2 should be just fine. As long as it's just a large load and not overloaded, they should be fine every other day. When i was useing flats and t-shirt daddy flats, I was going through so many I had to wash daily. You just want to make sure not to wash too small of a load that they can't get proper aggitation with eachother. Then again, you have to be sure not to wash so many that there is no room for proper water flow and good grinding action/aggitation. It sounds like you did just fine with the 2 pods and an extra rinse.
Wow! We have hardish water so 1 barely suds and 2 actually had some suds. Most of the diapers are AIOs with a few pockets and fitteds. I worry that 2 days worth is too many but I guess as long as they are clean and fresh maybe I shouldn't worry about it. I actually like the pods better than the liquid.
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