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Re: July TTC #1 -No Children Mentioned-

I got the Spiderman diaper for my hubby he loves superhero/Marvel comics type stuff.

The Alva's shown above are regular OS. I just got 7 NB Alva's in the mail yesterday, they aren't shown in the photos above. I also have a few more NB Alva's in velcro coming at some point... I obviously don't have a baby, but they seem like good quality to me. I have some brand new bumgenius and without a baby I don't really see a HUGE difference in quality between the BG and Alvas. And I can like 5 Alvas (co op price) for the price of on BG 4.0. Maybe I'll feel differently when I have an actual baby, but we'll see! Plus the BG have succccch boring colors and I love all the cute prints and more colors that they have on Alvas and Sunbaby.

Only negative things I would say about the newborn is it's a little more fussy to stuff the pockets than on regular sized. Also they seem a little on the bigger size of newborn, I don't think they would fit tiny babies right from birth like 5 or 6 lbs. Also they don't have umbilical cord snap down, so they wouldn't be good right away, but they are a little bigger so I think they'd be great in-between super tiny newborn diapers and OS diapers. In a few of the coops I've been in, I've seen some super skinny/long 20lb babies in the newborns, but they looked a little on the tight side.

Jess - That caterpillar outfit is super cute!

I am currently on CD 9, Still bleeding. And my previous cycle was only 13 days. I have NO idea what is going on. This period has been very very heavy for me, (maybe it's more normal for other people), but I had to go out and buy non regular tampons. For me usually regular tampons were fine, using 2-3 max on heavy days. And normally I have like a 3 day max period, so this is all very very strange for me.

My previous cycle (the one that was 13 days) it was a light period even for me, and was about 3 days of actual bleeding and 1 or 2 of spotting, so length was normal for me..but maybe that wasn't an actual period, just some cycle bleeding? IDK I'm not sure what's going on at all, it's all really confusing.
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