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Public School Frustrations

I haven't posted here in a long time because it just makes me feel discontent with the fact that my hubby refuses to let me home school our kids. But I need to ask some advice.

My son is in grade 2. Last year he was in a split grade 1/2 class. He did really well, and flourished because his teacher knew how to challenge him and keep him interested in his work.

This year, he has brought home his spelling lists. They include works like "in" "on" "sit", etc. There are a few harder words, but nothing that I consider even close to grade 2 work.

I was upset, so I sent an email to his teacher. This is what I wrote:

"Hi there. I'm Rowan's Mom, in case you didn't recognize my name.

I'm curious to know if the spelling words are going to get any more difficult in grade 2. I was shocked to see how simple the words are, and honestly, it's a bit of a joke for Rowan.

I really struggle with sending Rowan to public school, because I know he could be so much further ahead than he is. I hate to see him lose his love for learning because he isn't being challenged. I realize that for a public school to work, the teacher must teach to the average child, and try to help along those who are a little behind. That really leaves the others to sit around and wait a lot. I know, because I was the same way in school, as was my husband. We both had way too much free time that was spent making trouble.

As a parent, I'd like to do whatever I can to make sure that my kids are enjoying learning, and motivated to keep going. I'm wondering what I can do to make this work for Rowan. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Or if there is something you are doing in class that I'm not aware of, I'd love to know. Rowan doesn't say much about school.

Thank you for your time!"

This was her response:

Hello Stacey,
The spelling words will get more difficult as the year goes on. I do know that Rowan is bright and these words are easy. Along with each spelling unit the students learn about long and short vowel sounds with the words, use them in sentences and record them in their personal dictionaries to use in their everyday writing. There are many valuable lessons learned despite the words being easy. I can give Rowan bonus words on his spelling list that are more his level. He is challenged in other subject areas like math. He is given math puzzles and problems to solve. I think that it's important to work with him at home as well in areas where you see he needs to be. I see Rowan enjoying school and his friends. He always tries his best. I have to apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I was sick last Thursday and my weekend got very busy! I hope this helps and thanks for your email!
Take care,

It just feels like she doesn't really think there is an issue! She thinks math makes up for it, but he's amazingly ahead in math too! And am I wrong in thinking that he should be challenged in school? Why should I have to make him do more work at home, if he already knows what they are doing in school?

I guess I'm asking, what would you do? How would you respond?
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