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Re: Public School Frustrations

Originally Posted by mommatomymiracle View Post
I clearly remember learning the word "elephant" at some point in 1st grade. I remember thinking it looked so hard! That was in NY. When my family moved to FL at the start of 4th grade, I pretty much re-learned what I learned in 3rd grade in NY.

Just a little rant...

Public school education (in certain cities/counties/states) worries me. I was so bored in school and begged to homeschool from 6th grade on, until my parents agreed at the start of 11th grade. One problem with mainstreaming is kids learn at different paces, and special needs need assistance, gifted kids need to be challenged, troublemakers need to learn discipline, etc. My teachers would spend half the class trying to keep the troublemakers in line, so there wasn't much learning. I knew very bright friends who dropped out because they weren't being challenged. Standardized testing? Give me a break! I feel like "No child left behind" ended up leaving more behind.

Oh my word... YES to the bolded! But the parents with kids who have trouble with reading think that this is the best thing since sliced bread. And I don't blame them. Our school has a very high literacy rate, which I think is wonderful. It's just the kids that are quick to learn that are left behind now.

I guess most of my frustration stems from the fact that in my heart I have this huge desire to homeschool my kids. My husband doesn't think that I could handle it emotionally, and he thinks that kids need to learn some of the life skills taught in school, like dealing with bullies, etc. I just pray and pray that someday he will change his mind!

Rowan brought home a new spelling list today. Just so you don't all think I'm crazy and telling lies, here are his current spelling words:

his, is, an, and, can, all, call, land, hand, small
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