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Re: Birth Plan?

What are you wanting info about? I am sure we could direct to resources.

Here's a good start with delayed cord clamping:

A couple of other things she doesn't mention: When the cord is allowed to stay intact, babies get more red blood cells and their iron stores can build up. Breastmilk is low in iron, and a baby's iron stores have to last them for about 6 months, or until they start solids. Even though bm is low in iron that doesn't mean there is anything wrong -- more likely babies don't need as much iron as we think, but we don't have a lot of research about that aspect. The iron in bm is highly bio-available, with 50-75% of it going to the baby; on the other hand, iron-fortified formula and cereal is only about 5-7% bioavailable! Because of that, more iron has to be put in thoe iron-fortified foods, and that can cause gut upset, constipation, and stinky poops. Also, that manufactured iron can interfere with the baby's ability to absorb the iron in bm. So that all aside, lol, there is an additional benefit to delayiing cord-cutting, lol.

I have a list of about 8 different procedures/interventions I could email you if you are interested.

ETA: Erin, I forgot you gave your email yesterday -- I will email you this document, it will be a good starting point to checking into things you are unsure about.
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