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Re: Tell me all about CLOMID!

Originally Posted by quarli
I did clomid last year to concieve. I have PCOS, and have had 7 loses due to egg quality and an incompetent cervix.

I had mood swings, hot flashes, was extremly hungry, and had headaches while taking it. That said though, it did work. I was able to concieve my twins on my first try with it. I took 50mg days 3-7, along with baby asprin, vitamin c and e and my partner also took votamin c and e the whole time up until my day 21 test.

I wasnt monitored my first cycle. Alot of people question this, but I would recomend it to anyone, because I think the lower level of stress helped out alot. I was given provera to induce my period, started clomid on the 3rd day of my period. I am not sure exactly when I oed because I dont respond well to ovulation tests, but my P4 showed a level of 21 which indicated that I had oed. I felt less stressed with only one test to pass during the cycle. I know many moms who are monitored from day 1 and say its so much more stressful to know how thick your lining is, how big your follies are, stuff like that.

There is a huge Clomid Club forum over at that can help you and fertilityfriend has one too if your a paid member there.

I read your going on vacations and such....if you go to mexico you can pick up clomiphine citrate down there for $18 and thats enough for 6 cycles at 50mg a cycle! Thats where I got mine at, and my OB even suggested getting it from there because it was cheaper, and it worked.

WOW!! Do you need a rx?? If not Rachelle, I'll pay you if you pick me up some too!!
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