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Re: tongue tie experiences please

I did not read all the pp. However I was in your similar situation. I noticed it when ds2 was born, but because he latched they would not clip it. Same with pedi. I had already nursed my oldest past a year, and could tell the latch felt wrong. But the pedi and nurses kept telling me it was fine and to wait and see. FF to 6 weeks and we finally decided to clip it. The ENT said it was one of the tighter ones he had seen and it was good we did it. Nursing improved immediately. BUT. My milk supply never recovered because I didn't realize that his suck was inefficient due to the tongue not being able to flex properly against the nipple. In hindsight I could have pumped to boost my supply, but again I didn't realize. So after nursing my oldest for 14 months and now nursing my youngest for 13 months (and still going), I had to actually supplement my second son because my supply wasn't strong enough.

I say do it. even if it isn't a feeding concern, language begins to develop LONG before words are formed. If you do it now, the only person who will remember the tears is you. Your baby will cry, then nurse, and be much happier.
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