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Re: Do you think this is an impossible schedule for DH?

Originally Posted by keonli View Post
See, I'm not crazy for thinking this. DH thinks he's able to adapt to any environment though. I'll have a talk with him tonight. If anything, he'll have his trial run during my maternity leave and then come end of January, he can seal his own fate. Thanks for the input!
give him a shot but be prepared with a second plan. All this scheduling and planning is assuming the baby cooperates and really, you cant expect a newborn under 4 or 8 weeks to be on a reliable routine at all. Even after that, it will be important to work within what the baby can do and is good for the baby. He's never taken care of two kids before right? I think he is underestimating this.

as for what you dad did....this was with all school agers right? big difference there.
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