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Originally Posted by fishingfor5
Thank you all and I am so sorry that you all understand and can relate. I just want to scream and wish I wouldn't have told dh. If he didn't know then I wouldn't feel like screaming at him for being what I feel is so casual and cold about it. I want him to hold me and offer to take the kids and let me have some time but that isn't happening. I know I am just angry and hurt right now. The intensity of the bleeding and cramping is picking up and all I want is to be left alone to mourn and cry. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for being a safe place to vent and offer support. I think I would go mad without this outlet. My sincerest heartfelt thanks and sympathies to you ladies who have BTDT.
Still thinking about you mama, I can vividly remember what you're going through and I'm sending you healing vibes. I think that it's really hard for men to understand the 'depth' of emotion and pain that mc causes. I also know that my dh felt wretched about it but didn't want to add to my pain so acted like everything was normal. Our second mc happened on my 30th bday and he slaved away all day making a wonderful dinner for us, but I wanted to punch him in his face.....who wants to celebrate anything at a time like that? I look back now and appreciate that he was trying really hard to help me heal, I just didn't "get" it at the time.
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