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Re: Do you let your DH "babysit"?

Originally Posted by ~sarah~ View Post
He always freaks out if I say that I'm going to leave Sean with him. Usually it's the diapers that he complains about, well I have sposies on hand so he doesn't have to use the cloth. I don't know what his problem is, it's not like he's never been around a kid before (he has others from previous marriages) I guess maybe he's just lazy and I let him get away with it. And I was the one who wanted to have a baby...I get that a lot.
I didnt read all the posts, I only made it to Taras post on the first page but mama, I DEF know where your coming from.

I honestly feel like I cant leave DD with DH. He is her father but he doesnt have the slightest clue about her. He doesnt know what she eats, when she eats, when she naps, when she needs to go potty, when she likes to do what. She has set herself on her own little schedule and her and I have it down pat. He wouldnt know where to start.
He has changed maybe 10 diapers then entire 16.5 months. I cant even take a shower and trust him to watch her for 10mins let alone leave her with him for 1hr+. The most that they have been together alone is the 3 times that he has taken her to the store up the road with him and I seriously worry that he will forget her in the car, or he wont buckle her in right etc.

So to answer your initial question... NO I would NOT leave DD with DH while I went to a movie. I couldnt trust him.

All you mamas that have DHs that can care for your kids thats great, Can they give my DH some lessons ?
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