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Re: Excersize and diet while BF

At 2 weeks post partum you should still be taking it easy and eating to appetite. Don't restrict calories. Your body needs those calories to heal and to produce milk for your children. Calories are your friend. Do not restrict them. Calorie restriction lowers your metabolism over time, which leads to regaining any weight loss achieved through calorie restriction and possibly more.

As far as exercise, start slowly as you feel up to it. Take your kids for a walk around the neighborhood. Don't overdo it, though. Maybe you take a 10 minute walk once or twice a week for now. That's okay. Maybe in a few weeks you feel good enough to walk more often. Maybe you take a walk and you start bleeding more heavily. That's your body telling you to slow down.

If you maintain or increase your metabolism you are more likely to lose the last 10 lbs for good. It may take longer, though. I have not dieted and it took around 7 months for me to get back into all my non-maternity clothes (fitting into the jeans that are a bit tighter in the waist), and that was without any restriction at all. I take walks when I want to be outside and move my body. Exercise should be enjoyable, not punishment. Food should be that way as well. If you want more info on metabolism and how to increase or maintain it, check out or the ebooks Diet Recovery 2 or Eat for Heat.
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