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Re: my 9y/o dd just started her period!!!

I started my period when I was 9, too. I had a good idea of what was going on, but no one had discussed it with me. I didn't say anything to my mom and the next day she found blood in my underwear and finally said something. I had actually gone into her bathroom and gotten a tampon to check and see which hole the blood was coming out of - I was worried it was coming out of my butt. She bought me two books and left me alone. I strongly suggest you make her feel comfy with it - I was extremely uncomfortable about it and my mom isn't very "open". Tampons have NEVER worked for me (my vagina is tilted funny, along with my uterus) so I had to figure out what pads I wanted to buy on my own, etc. I could never talk to my mom about it - it just wasn't what we did.
I accepted it pretty well - I just wish someone had said something about it earlier. I don't know when my mom started her period, or my sister for that matter - but I have heard it is genetic in some way (whatever age it starts at). Maybe it ties in on more than just the maternal side, I'm not sure.
I think you're doing a great job of talking to your dd, so that wasn't really aimed at you, LOL. I just want to make sure EVERYONE'S daughters feel comfy with the idea - I felt like a freak.
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