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Anyone else with a kid with Hypotonia?


Just looking to see if anyone else has a kid with this "diagnosis" DS1 has a moderate case according to his therapist yesterday I had always thought it was mild. Wanting to know if there was someone else to talk with as I dont know any other kiddos with it around me and most people I meet say there is nothing wrong with him or hes just a little behind, no biggie and make me feel like I'm just looking for something and he would be perfectly fine without treatment and Im just an over pushy mom, luckily its not family who is making me feel like this though. We are on the verge of actually trying to persue a diagnosis as somethings arent showing improvement really but it makes me cry inside to even think of the simple tests they could do like a blood draw on my little 2 1/2 year, he is so tender and freaks out at new things too, I cant imagine how he would react.

Anyways if there is anyone else please feel free to pm or write here with your experiences.

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