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Re: biting help... please i'm at my wits end

This is sure to get me flamed but hey it worked. My niece was biting everyone bad. I hadn't experienced it yet but was warned. Just in shock like my mom did me I tapped her lightly on the mouth. It was tap and done not repeated or anything. She looked at me in shock. I was shocked I did it to. She was told enough to tell SIL so I told her and she asked niece about it and all she said was what I did and that she won't bite again. Never once did she do it. Younger niece got me at about a year old, 13-15 mos. I had told myself i wouldn't do it again but in a fleeting moment did it again. Never once did she bite anyone again. I stopped to when my mom did it.
I said to them after that I was sorry but we don't bite and it hurts alot. Ofcourse the older one could express she understood. Younger showed by not doing it again.
Never once did it hurt my relationship with them.
BTW older niece was biting and drawing blood to. Infact the bite had one spot that drew blood that I got. I did this more to get them off me.
Not saying you need to do it but it worked. Redirection, explaining it hurt really bad, etc didn't help us.
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