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help with diagnosis...

im not great with google we've known something is up with dd, 3 months, for a bit. her ped blows me off and between the neuro, GI, feeding specialists there isnt great communication.
seizures, under control, mostly, with kepra. they are small and i still notice 1-2/week.
feeding issues, cant suck. also has high palate and small jaw. did try to suck before seizures but does not anymore.
low muscle tone
reflux and aspirates
has to be overstimulated, the louder/brighter it is the happier she is. if its calm/quiet she will scream.
doesnt sleep well during the day, finally passes out and dozes for a few minutes at a time. sleeps 4-6 hours at night.
sweaty feet like always. even if its cool
she is behind developmentally but im pretty sure its bc she didnt get enough to eat for the first 6 weeks bc no one caught on to the sucking issues. ste just started opening her hands from fists in the last week.
any ideas? we should have all the metabolic test results back next week...
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