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Re: Pullups or undies (newly PL'd on a road trip)

Originally Posted by JulieBeth View Post
Undies for sure. I didn't buy one pullup for Maddy and am so glad. She has only had one accident in the car since going to panties full time (about...1.5 months ago?)
Have you done long trips with her in the car? We go up north to my IL's a few times a year and we've made that trip and back twice now since he's been PL's and he did great. But this will be two full days of driving and in a car.

BTW - yay for your DD! When we started PL'ing with DS2 we just went straight to undies 100%. Frequent accidents at first, but he got it very quickly and I'm glad I didn't mess with Pullups for night/naps/town/etc.
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