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Re: blocked tear duct in a 6 mth old..what to do?

Yep! My ods had to see an eye doc to have it probed at 10-12mo (can't remember but I know it was that age range) because it never resolved itself, and it literally took 15min and it was over.

I recommend doing it if it isn't clearing up on it's own. What we went through: you go in they strap them to a board (almost like you would see in an ambulance) they strap their arms, head and legs down. Keep in mind it's for their safety!! He basically takes a long bendable needle and pokes it down into the tear duct and pushes it down so the fluid goes down into his mouth or throat and it's unclogged. It was very scary as a parent to watch not knowing what they do! But he was an awesome guy who explained everything and talked as he was doing it. I was there the whole time holding my ods hand and trying to keep him calm (who stays calm though when your strapped down!) And in 3min it was done! It was fast! Then he got a sticker and and a toy and he was done!
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