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Re: Need some info on circing

Originally Posted by thealmightyme View Post
What made me decide to circ my boys was the uti rate. I am a radiology Technologist, and I can't count how many little boys I saw over the years have to be catheterized and have liquid contrast fill up their bladder to do a cystogram because of repeated UTI's. Every time I saw it, it made me cringe. So I thought no way will my little boys have to go through that.

That was just my personal choice. Every parent needs to make the decision for themselves. I still feel that was the right one for me.
For several years my DH worked in an early intervention center for kids with special needs. He said once that it seemed to him that "typical" kids must be a minority because all day long he saw kids who weren't.

While it's painful to see a child with an illness, statistically less than 1% of boys sufffer from UTIs. It may seem to you that UTIs are a plague among children, but that is just not the case.

Circumcision is THE ONLY procedure we do to prevent problems that may or may not occur in the future. We don't take out a baby's appendix to prevent appendicitis. We don't take out a baby's tonsils to prevent tonsillitis. We don't even put tubes in babies ears to prevent chronic ear infections. We treat the problems ONLY as they occur.

Statistically it is very unlikely that a child who is properly cared for will have any problems with their foreskin, including UTIs. In fact, statistics show they are more likely to have a complication from their circumcision than to have a problem with their foreskin.
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