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Just a few things.

1) hugs to you! I also have hypo-plastic breasts and am constantly worried about my supply, I am so sorry you are dealing with latch issues on top of it.

2) i can't compare the two pumps, since I only have the pisa, but I would definitely recommend that it you go with that one you "splurge" and get the metro bag ( that's the one with the removable pump) it is so much more convenient.

3) I will add that (not sure if it's because of my hypo-plastic breasts or not but) the ONLY way I can express milk, is during the let down phase. And I need to run the letdown phase 3-4x to get .5 ounce Which means I have to figure out how to balance the bottles and hit the let down button always makes me wonder if I should have just gone with the ameda purely yours, since you can adjust speed and suction separately. But even so, the freestyle would be nice for that purpose. If you are going to be ep, hands free would be great!

Pumping is a lot of work so kudos to you mama for working so hard to give your baby the best!
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