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Re: Can you help me find an agnecy that will ......

Originally Posted by newmommy13 View Post
I would think you would contact dcfs in oregon but im not sure. Hopefully you will get a better reply from someone else!

How exiting! Waiting children are a great option. Good luck whatever you find out!
Originally Posted by sunnymommy View Post
Most photo listing sites have a place to contact the social worker to express interest in the child. However, I think most of them require you to already have an adoptive home study done. So, I Think that what you do is get a home study done from an agency local to you and then contact CPS where the child is. But, I'm not sure because then you would being paying for the home study yourself... I don't know how you get around that when you don't want to foster locally as generally there is no cost. But, I am guessing the local agencies wouldn't put the time/$$ into doing your homestudy if you weren't going to foster for them.
I contacted them via the website and they sent back a generic letter stating that I would need to get a home study done by an agency that handles out of state, foster adoptions. It clearly stated not to just use any agency as they may not properly comply with the right regulations for out of state.

My problem is I can't figure out how to do that
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