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Re: Canadian mamas

Originally Posted by mom1mg View Post
Oh I remembered another program we have in Canada too - a few times a year (3 I think) low income people get a GST cheque. It is supposed to off-set the cost of our sales tax. I don't know how it is based, income etc (?) since I haven't had it in several years.
Yup, income based, normally given out quarterly, but I discovered this year if the amount is lower than $100 total they give it to you all at once. Our province has a quarterly sales tax thing too, I think we get around $15-20/quarter

Andrea020611- I think your random cheques are GST...Child Tax is very regular, always on the 19th/20th of the month, same day as the UCCB (they come direct deposit to my account at the same time).

eco-mum -yup! and the more kids you have, the more you get (well except that $100 which is done at age 6 because it is meant to offset child care and by that age most kids are in school full time - however, I still have to pay for before school care!)
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