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(Even if we pay a bit more we are of a very different in mindset here. The VAST majority of people would rather pay a bit more so that everyone has access to medical care and social programs, we are raised with a subtle mindset that it is best to take care of the greater good. It isn't something shoved down our throats but is more a feeling of "of course I want to make sure little kids have enough to eat, or someone with cancer can get better, I'd be a horrible person if I didn't WANT to help them."[/QUOTE]

Yeah,avast majority of Americans are very me focused when it comes to their stuff/money. Many people would be in a very "oh, I feel bad for them.... But I can't afford to help" then go sit down in front of their 50 in platinum screen and play angry birds on the iPhones- kind of mindset.
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