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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 24th - Mar 2nd

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
As for dates you can bake them into things or make smoothies or even do homemade lara bars--then it does not look like you are eating a beetle.
OMGoodness !!!

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Now I'm totally curious, how would probiotics help you test negative for strep B? Do you have to continue taking them through delivery then to make sure it doesn't get passed on to baby?
The silly thing is that you can + one week for GBS, and then - the next. But they test everyone at 35 weeks and then treat (or not) based on that result. This is silly because you could test + at 35 weeks, and then actually be - come EDD or birth, or vice versa.
So it's really rather silly, the way they test.

If I take them, I would stop taking them after the test (or whenever I happened to run out, more likely). I wouldn't bother continuing until birth, the test is all I'm worried about.

Originally Posted by 4dramamama View Post
The good bacteria in the probiotics overpower the bad bacteria (GBS).

Test Monday.

and for you - and all of us!
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