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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 24th - Mar 2nd

hope you start feeling better, Denise!

My appt this morning was REALLY exciting but not because of anything that was happening to me.. lol. My good friend was in labor and as soon as my dr was done with me, she literally had to run to L&D because it was push time. So, very exciting time knowing that Andrea was literally giving birth while I was still at my appt.

On the down side... now it's my turn. I've been avoiding that reality while waiting on her baby to have it's premiere.

I'm 34+something.. I dunno, turn 35 weeks on Sunday. I am measuring 32 weeks. Which is normal for me - I think the long torso makes my fundal height always a couple weeks off. My next appt is at 37 weeks and that's when I'll get my GBS test. Well, I think I get to make an appt at 36 weeks with the hospital where I'll be delivering, but I'm sure that one will be fairly uneventful.

and THAT is what makes it seem like I'm going to have a baby. 34 weeks? pssh.. feels like it might as well be 29 weeks. But knowing I'll be 37 weeks at my next appt? THAT feels real

might be time to put the crib back together and bring out the swing
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