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Re: Moving To Texas- Houston Area

Welcome to Houston! Houston is a very large city - #4 in the US, so you definitely want to do your research first. I recommend finding a place near your work because traffic is very, very bad here. Pretty much, you want to stay away from the east or northeast side of Houston. There are patches of the southwest that I wouldn't recommend either. If you're looking to live in a suburban type setting, you have CyFair area (as mentioned in previous posts) in the Northwest, Kingwood and the Woodlands to the North, Katy area to the West, Pearland area to the South and the Clear Lake area to the Southeast closer to the coast. There are 2 loops that circle around Houston - the inner loop is 610 (aka "the Loop"). Homes and apartments there are pricey but convenient to downtown and the museum district. Then you have the outer loop which is officially called the Sam Houston Tollway but commonly referred to as Beltway 8 (the beltway is actually the service road that runs alongside the tollway). Apartments and homes outside the Loop, but inside the beltway are less expensive and a bit more suburban. Then homes/apartments outside the beltway get less costly, as you get further and further away from downtown. It's all a decision on how long you want to commute to work, how much you want to pay for rent/mortgage and what type of enviornment you want to live in (city vs. suburban). Hope this helps!

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