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Wow I was just replying in the old thread when I realized it was May!! Haha here's my replies from there...

I didn't even know what boudoir photos were until now. I couldn't ever consider that I don't think.

How's everyone's week been? My DS turned 4 (!!!) on Tuesday. We had a little party with his schoolmates. It was very sweet. I think he had a good day. We will have a party for him and DD with family and friends next weekend.

Rachel-- sorry things have been rough. Hope you're enjoying vacation and happy birthday to Toby!!

My DH is on vacation this week so our usual routine (or lack of) is a little off but it's been sooo nice!!!

Hope everyone is well. When are all the babies' birthdays? Oh yeah we got our swap gifts from doodah! They're so sweet--some soft blocks, a giraffe, and fabric chain. I'll post pics soon!!

And to the new posts... Watermelon I'm so happy to hear how well the girls are doing!! I love the twin stories. I have an identical twin sister and my mom used to tell sweet stories like that we would stand at our cribs across from each other (separate beds) and spit on the floor and laugh at each other. Lol only a mother could love that!! I'm sorry that it's hard for you since they have some delays but you're right they will get there. My 4yo has developmental delays because of autism. It's hard not to compare--even to DD but I read a quote the other day that got me thinking --"comparison is the thief of joy". When I'm thinking about what DS can't do I forget that he CAN do so much. At the same time though it's unfair to yourself to say "well someone else out there has it worse" because of course that is true but it doesn't make your situation easier or your feelings less valid and you shouldn't feel guilty for what your kids can do. Okay sorry. that is all.

Julia--can't believe your DS is almost walking!! So exciting. I totally feel your pain at the fact they are not babies anymore. so much to look forward to though! Yay for getting back to your pre-baby weight! You should feel good about that! Look forward to hearing the update after your DS's check-up. I always love seeing how much the kids grow too.

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