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Re: Extended Breastfeeding

DD2 is 14 months old and she is still nursing before bedtime- my DH hasn't batted and eye!

When DS was 1 I slowly weaned him because I honestly had no idea that people nursed beyond one year. He was seeing a pediatric gastrologist for a bit due to blood in his stool (milk allergy) and when I asked if I should nurse him past one due to his allergy the Dr. said that it was unnecessary nutritionally so I thought what he said was true.

DD1 was weaned at 1 very quickly because I was getting my wisdom teeth taken out- I look back now and feel so bad that I weaned her so quick.

DD2 is 14 months old and I nurse her every night before she goes to bed. It is out little thing that we have and I will continue to do it unit she isn't interested anymore. My DH isn't bothered at all by it because he sees how much she enjoys nursing. I think it helps that I am finally comfortable with him seeing my boobs when we are having mommy/daddy time- he could care less about how long I nurse as long as he gets his booby time
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