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Re: Toddler Discipline Tips

Originally Posted by raymark View Post
I've found that really listening to my children & striving to relay to them that I understand their feelings makes all the difference. When toddlers feel understood & like their emotions (they themselves don't always understand) are validated they become new little people and negative forms of discipline frequently become unnecessary.
This is me too. While I do employ discipline techniques where things are not optional (shoes and coats when it's cold, carseats, no hitting, etc), I also try to not make a fuss about things that don't matter too much, and set them up for success.

So, for example, I verbalize their emotions when they can't (I see you're very mad. You didn't want to wear your coat, and mommy made you. We need our coats when it's cold). Even when I do need to discipline them, I validate their feelings (you were very mad at your sister for not sharing her toy. But hitting hurts, we can't hit people just because we are mad)
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