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Originally Posted by blhuns01
I was completely unable to breastfeed due to issues with my breast tissue. I had no idea about this before my poor little son was starving at 3 days old. I had a homebirth and was fully planning on extended EBFing. My heart was completely broken and at almost 6 months out, I'm not completely over it. It hurts when people make comments or ask if I'm BFing and I hate it. I can't wait for the time when I feel free from the guilt of being unable to BF.
Try not to beat yourself up, mama. I am an adoptive mama, and though I didn't give birth to my little bug, I have been asked so many times "are you still nursing" or "how is the breast feeding going" and even though I was not able, it broke my heart. But, I have a happy healthy 1 year old! Hang in there. not even having the option is hard.
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