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Re: The Best of Both Worlds: At Peace with Formula Feeding

to all the mamas on here. but i really truely believe you should not beat yourself up so much about not being able to or simply choosing not to bf. it's a personal choice. when we told the dr we switched for ebf to ff, he told us something that did make me feel a little better. "we in this country are very fortunate to have such a good alternative to breastmilk." Although we are constantly constantly reminded of how "breast is best," we are still fortunate that if we choose not to or are just unable to bf, we have such a great alternative that babies really do thrive on.

my dd is now 16 months and was on formula since 5 weeks. she is incredibly healthy, never sick, not one ear infection, and is smart as a whip. i have no regrets for ff her. it's just what we as a family chose to do. at the time i was devastated and depressed, but now i just look back and see it was what was best for US and she is beautiful and healthy and because of that i have no regrets!
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