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I am super independent, and never wanted help even though it was offered. My kids' grandparents are all great, but I much prefer to handle everything on my own. DH does take time off from work to help for those first days, and by then we're in the swing of things. I do need help for when I'm in labor, as I need DH with me, so the kids go with grandparents. Do you get along well enough that the kids can at least stay WITH them for a day or two while you labor and immediately PP? That's the hardest stage, I think. After that, a positive outlook and a good DH will get you through the first week, and then its much easier. Freezer meals are an awesome idea, and hiring a PP doula/housekeeper might be helpful if you have the funds.

I understand how family issues can be horrible. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. have, for the most part, been absolutely terrible to my parents. I grew up with it, and it sucks. But, you will get through it. Concentrate on the joys of your little family, and everyone will be happier. My parents kept life wonderful for us, despite all the challenges with the extended family. As a result, I am still very close with my folks and love them like parents AND best friends now.
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