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We buy for:

Our 2 sons
Each other
My sister

His 2 siblings
His 2 grandmas

my mom
Mom's boyfriend

Best couple friends
Their kid (like a nephew or Godson to us)

My single bestie

Hubby's boss
Hubby's 3 partners

1 of my brothers
His wife
His 6 kids

Sometimes a small random gift to someone we will see for Christmas, or other friends we may be spending more time with.

The years we were struggling, we talked to family ahead of time and did only gifts for children (both of us have significantly younger siblings). We probably did something smaller for his partners that year, as well. We filled a room with toys for DS1, spending only $27 (thankful for CL and coupons). And skipped buying for each other

Eta: and I've started trying to do a little something for the mailman and people like that, since we have been so blessed.
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