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Re: S/O do you buy for more than just your own family for Christmas?

We buy for each other, our boys, my parents, my brother and his fiancee, all of our nieces and nephews, MIL and FIL. We used to buy for all of dh's sibs but he has several sibs and they are all married except his one brother plus they have quite a few kids between them all and it just got to where no one could afford to do it so we have all agreed to stop. Between the fact that I am a minimalist and got tired of bringing home gifts that we would never use (and I'm sure several of his sibs felt similarly) and I know money is tight for us as well as SIL and her family thanks to medical bills we have all decided to buy gifts for just the kids and MIL and FIL. The girls (SIL, MIL, BIL's wife and I ) all do an ornament exchange. We still buy for my brother because my family is a bit closer (and we were closer before he got engaged but that is a whole other story) and I only have the one brother who only has one child.
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