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Re: 17 Month Old DS Climbing Out of Crib- What to do?

We went through this at 13 months. we moved the dresser into the closet and put both boys' mattresses on the floor for about a month until ds2 was able to consistently stay on his mattress. Then we gave them their bed frames back. Ds1 has a twin and ds2 has a converted crib to toddler bed, very low to the floor. The beds are the only thing in their room still, because ds is a monkey and I don't want him climbing and jumping. It's working well enough now.

Eta: their fan and nightlight are on a super high shelf, with an extension cord plugged in the hallway. We used a baby gate on the outside of the shut door (door opens in) since the room is upstairs and ds1 can open the door. With nothing to play with, most of the time both boys go right to sleep. Sometimes ds2 runs around the room or plays with big brother, but usually he falls asleep quickly.

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