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Re: away from ebf baby for a day.. what to do?

You can try to pump one side after feeding if you want (or during). Or just pump both sides for an extra 5-10 minutes after you are done nursing. Remember a bottle or 2 of formula is not going to make a big difference, but a lot of breastfed babies hate the taste, you might have to mix it!

Does your pump have a cooler bag with an ice pack that comes with it? I have the Medela Pump in Style and it holds 4 bottles which is enough for a work day. If you don't have something, you can go to the store and get a little soft cooler or lunch box with an ice pack and you should be good for the day.

For breast massage, I use hot wash clothes and try to wrap them, and then I just kneed from the outside into the nipple, focusing on any hard ducts or tense areas. I hope that helps!!
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