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Originally Posted by photocat

Yup, it's still messin' with me, now it's set O day as cd 16, which I am pretty sure is incorrect.

But my chart is rather spiky, I suspect that's due to my wake up time...usually the kids wake me up at 6.30 am as I set an alarm for them , but lately I've been getting to bed earlier which means I wake earlier or am more wakeful before I actually wake up, if that makes sense. So, if I temp at 6.30, I may have been dozing fitfully since 6 or earlier. This morning I first woke at 5 am or so, and it's that temp which seems to have thrown things off.

And why has that temp shown up as a white circle, rather than the regular blue?
It shows up as a white circle instead of blue when the time is off. If you normally temp at 6:30 and you enter a temp in at 7:30 it would be white because your time isn't consistent with what is normal for you. It's an indicator that the temp could be inaccurate. If I temp earlier or later I automatically correct the temp with the 1/10 rule and then input the temp at my normal time so my circles are blue....the white bugs me! .

My chart is whacktastic this cycle too! I think I finally O'd this morning, but my temps are all over the place the last couple days. My DH thinks the time change is making a difference with me. We'll see.
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