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Re: So my son just has a seizure......... :'(

Originally Posted by am_ryan21 View Post
That is the same age my ds started having his seizures. Since he has already had 1 eeg ask them if they can do a 24 hour eeg. He never had a seizure while they were monitoring him but he did have several burst that they said could cause a seizure at any moment. If you have any questions I will try my best to help answer them. Also, our neurologist wanted to do an eeg every 6 months to monitor any changes and to make sure his medicine was still working like it should.
That is helpful.thank you. He had one 8 months ago. But I'm going to push for another since it started up again. How many times a month would you say your son was having episodes? Also how do they classify it as a seizure? Before they were labeling it as "choking episodes/spasms" because he stops breathing when it happens
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