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Re: So my son just has a seizure......... :'(

Originally Posted by am_ryan21 View Post
He only had maybe one a month until they started his medicine. I meant a 24 hour one if the 1 hour didn't show anything. The way they described the activity was that it was a burst that if had happened just a little longer it would have caused a seizure. He also stops breathing when he has his. He also had one in January at my grandmas because of some essential oils that she had out.
Sounds very similar to my son!! What did the 24 hour consist of and how did he do? My son was very young when he had the 1 hour. Idk how well he would be hooked all up at this age and the e.r. visit didn't go well. He was very afraid of anyone touching him except for me. And when did they start meds? How long has he been being seen for this? Sorry for all the questions but I feel like left in the dark lately since no one knows what's going on.
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