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Some NWT, MANY used Preemie, newborn, 0-3, 3-6, 6-9

We've got a boy on the way with two girls already, so I'm de-stashing girls' clothes. If you see something interesting but no pic, PM me and I will add it.

**All clothes are priced separately, so you can pick and choose. Buyer pays shipping, though I will definitely discount or eliminate shipping for multiple purchases. PM me with offers, etc.**

Please take a look at other things Im selling and feel free to make me offers on multiple items together. Id really appreciate it. This includes: carriers, maternity clothes, trainers, fitteds, pockets, covers, infant girls' clothing lots, and inserts.

NEW with tags items
$5--Small Wonders 6-piece layette set. Purple and white with bunnies and cats. Hat, booties, bib, long-sleeve footless sleeper, short-sleeve onesie, pants. (Price on tag is $14.99.)

0-3 Month:
$10--Osh Kosh B'Gosh set (will not sell separately): long-sleeve pink onesie with embroidered snow(wo)man, pink striped overalls. Both with tags, but prices are already torn off. Could cut the ends of the tags down to look a little neater.

$5--Carter's (just one year) long-sleeve onesies, pink with stripes and embroidered "daddy's little princess" and purple ith embroidered bunny and "honey" on it. Tag on front is creased from storage, but items are new and two other tags are attached. Could remove front tag for gifting if the creases bother you.

$5--Healthtex Little Impressions two-pack of zippered sleepers, one darker pink with small embroidered bunny, one lighter pink with a flowers and bunnies pattern.

3-6 months:
$5--Healthtex white sleeveless romper dress with eyelet "skirt" and embroidered flowers on chest. Tag from manufacturer and tag from local PA store on tag. No prices.

USED (some NWOT)
Preemie Clothes, all by small wonders
4 short-sleeve onesies
white w/ purple edging--spit-up stain @ collar = $1.50
purple w/ flower print--looks new, but I think it was used = $1.50
pink w/ small embroidered butterfly/flowers--NWOT = $2
white w/ cute embroidered ladybug/flowers--NWOT = $2

2 long-sleeve onesies
pink w/ embroidered bunny/"love"--NWOT = $2
purple w/ flower/butterfly print--looks new, but I think it was used = $1.50

2 matching pants--
plain purple--looks new, but probably used = $1.50
pink with light pink dots--NWOT = $2

1 long-sleeve button-up gown, pink w/ bunnies embroidered at top and hem--used with light stains at neck = $2
1 short-sleeve footless button-up sleeper, white w/ flower and bunny print--used with light stain at neck = $2

1 short-sleeve, short leg button-up romper, pink with light pink dots and ruffle at chest level--looks new, but I think it was used, I would have sworn I never had my girls in it, but I think there is a very hard to see stain of sorts on the left shoulder = $2

Newborn Clothes
12 gerber short-sleeve onesies, varied girly colors (pinks, yellows, lavender) = $1 each or $10 for all
the 6 best--EEUC/washed but never used:

The 6 next best--GUC/EUC but used, some light staining on some

Carter's long onesies (2) and matchign pant--
brown onesie w/ pink polka-dots GUC = $1.50
white onesie w/ brown writing "i'll always be daddy's little girl" w/ slight staining at neck = $1.50
light pink flower printed pants w/brown ruffle at cuffs = $2

2 Carter's long-sleeve onesies--
pink w/ polka dots/brown elephants--EUC = $2
lavender w/ polka dots /"hug"--EUC = $2

2 Gerber 0-6 month gowns--
one pink w/ butterfly applique, EUC = $2
one white w/ flower/butterfly print, EUC = $2

Carter's button-up, long-sleeve, footless sleeper, pink striped--GUC = $2

Carter's button-up long-sleeve sleeper, white with pink flowers and ruffles on the butt--EUC = $2.50

Healthtex one-size (usually 0-6months) gown, a few small stains otherwise GUC = $2

1 Carter's gown, 0-3 months, pink w/ slight staining at neck and appliqued heart that says "love"--GUC = $2

1 NWOT Carter's gown, 0-3 months, white w/ small pink flowers and appliqued "thank heavens for little girls" on it. = $3

0-3 Month Clothes
2 pairs of Carter's pants, EUC (some very light staining on one pant)
dk. pink pants--$2
lt. pink pants--$2
(OR both for $3)

Classic Pooh lavender w/ flowers and pooh applique sleeveless onesie romper/dress w/ matching hat, EUC--$4

Classic Pooh lavender linen-like tank and capri pants w/ embroidered pooh, EUC--$4

2 mix-and-match Small Wonders long-sleeve outfits, EUC--
pink onesie w/ embroidered bunny = $2
white onesie w/ bunny & chick pattern = $2
light pink pants w/ same design = $2
dark pink pants w/ same embroidered bunny on left leg = $2
(OR all for $6)

1 Koala Baby button-up sleeper w/ a few stains, GUC, white with pink & green stitched flower design and ruffles along neck, button-up area, and on footies = $2

1 Disney Winnie-the-Pooh button-up sleeper, yellow w/ small red outlined flower pattern and embroidered Pooh on chest, EUC = $3

1 purple button-up Fisher-Price sleeper-GUC = $1.50

1 Sweet & Soft button-up sleeper (says 3-6 months but is DEFINITELY 0-3 size), blue w/ small pink flower pattern and pink edging--EUC = $1.50

1 Carter's button-up light yellow sleeper w/ light pink and light orange flower pattern, collared--EUC = $3

1 Carter's light blue short-sleeve dress and bloomers, small dk. blue flower print on it--EUC, I don't think my girls ever wore this, though I know it's been washed = $3

1 Carter's almost-sleeveless, almost legless romper--the kind that covers as much as a 50's bathing suit--light blue with very light "sketched" flower print, fancy edging dresses it up for church, etc.--EUC except for small stain at neck = $2

1 3/4 length white unworn onesie w/ heart and "cutie" printed on it = $1.50

2 Carter's Just One Year long-sleeve onesies--both EUC, though both have very light stains near neck.
one lavender w/ appliqued flower = $2
one white w/ flower print and embroidered "cutie" = $2

3-6 Month Clothing
Children's Place dress/onesie set--$6
3 onesies--white and white w/ flowers slightly stained at neck, pink is not
dress is lined inside with soft cotton, but it missing a button on the right side (doesn't affect wearing it). It came with little booties, but I haven't been able to find them.

1 Disney Winnie-the-Pooh outfit, EUC--my girls wore it once or twice between them. White onesies w/ small stain on collar and embroidered Pooh, light pink pants w/ small cherries/apples/strawberries pattern, matchign pink hat w/ same pattern, long-sleeve darker pink snap-up "cardigan" w/ embroidered Pooh and Piglet = $5

1 white short-sleeve Osh Kosh onesie (Says Osh Kosh on front) and matching light pink striped overall dress w/ bloomers--EUC, rarely worn = $4

1 Carter's Just One Year pink "gingham" short-sleeve dress w/ flowers embroidery on chest/hem and matching bloomers = $2

1 purple Carter's "sweatsuit"--dark purple zip-up jacket w/ same color matching pants = $4

2 Carter's short-sleeve onesies (match above sweatsuit)
one purple striped (EUC except for the hole started at the hem of the neck in the back) = $1.50
one white with many small purple flowers pattern, GUC = $1.50

1 pink Children's Place short-sleeve dress w/ attached flowers and matching bloomers, GUC. Bloomers are a darker pink than the dress, I think because the dress is linen and the color washed otu faster than in the non-linen bloomers = $3
Sorry, picture is terrible as this needs to be washed and hung to get the wrinkles out!

1 Koala Kids white cardigan w/ blue front--EUC = $2

1 Gap flowered onesie (pinks and purples on white bckgrd) w/ some smocking at chest, EUC = $2
1 Gap jeans skirt with pink stitching and attached bloomers underneath, EUC = $3
Both together:

1 All Mine Collection black checked sleeveless sailor dress w/matching bloomers, GUC = $1.50

1 MiniWear outfit--white string tank w/ green/blue flower/butterfly embroidery and matching green/blue striped capri pants with ruffled hem, EUC = $3

1 Koala Kids outit--white short-sleeved onesie w/ white/pink/green ribbons on chest, and matching white capri pants w/ bow at waist and ribbon at the hems, GUC w/ very light stains on pants = $3

1 Carter's button-up sleeper, purple w/ polka dots, "cutie" on the chest, and ruffles on teh butt, EUC with possible very light stains at neck (I can't tell whether it's the light or a stain) = $3

Carter's cream-colored zipper-up "bunting" for cold weather, EEUC, rarely used. I bought a brown one and a cream one, and only ever really used the brown one. (Which I'm too attached to to give up. ) = $10

Carter's fleece top and matching cotton pants, VGUC with no staining. We used this often in fall/spring, so the fleece has a little bit of pilling. Lots of life left! = $4

2 Carter's fleece sleepers, EUC. Neither have staining, both have very slight pilling and lots of life left! = $2 each

Carter's long-sleeve, long-pant romper, white w/ strawberries/cherries/flowers on it, ruffled edges. VGUC w/ light staining at neck. = $2

Older-style Little Me romper overalls, EUC w/ very light staining on the bib = $1.50

Little Me pink sleeper w/ frogs on it and froggie feet, EUC w/ very light stain on right arm = $2

2 Carter's terrycloth-type sleepers, lighter than fleece but heavier than plain cotton. White w/ purple flowers is VGUC w/ ligt staining at neck, pink w/ pink flowers is the same. = $2 each

Carter's corduroy overalls w/ matching ong-sleeve onesie = $5 (
Overalls are EUC but have 3 or 4 very light stains down the front, long-sleeve onesie is EUC w/ one very light stain near the top. **Short-sleeved onesie shown in picture is no longer available and not part of this listing.**

Gerber long-sleeve footless sleeper thingy, EUC w/ no staining. = $2

Carter's pants & jacket set = $4
Jacket has some light staining at neck (VGUC), but they are hard to pick out. Pants are EUC w/ no stains.

Carter's onesies and matching pants = $5
3 onesies. Dk. pink w/ flowers is EEUC, plain lt. pink is VGUC w/ very light staining, white w/ flowers is VGUC w/ light stains at neck.
2 pants--both are EUC w/ no stains.

Gerber outfit, VGUC lt. lavender onesie w/ very hard to see stain at neck and matching EUC dk. purple light fleece pants w/ no stains. Pants are like sweatpants. = $3

Please PM me with interest. Thanks!!
Living the good life in rural Lancaster, PA.

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