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Re: Please tell me how to successfully use NFP.

Originally Posted by dragonfly263544 View Post
Also, with NFP/FAM you really should chart a few cycles to get a baseline pattern before you start relying on it for BC. Its also REALLY important to follow ALL of the rules EXACTLY.
I could not agree with this post more! Most NFP (different from FAM) will ask you to abstain for one cycle so that you are more confident in your actual signs before you jump in and use it. There is definitely more abstaining in the beginning until you figure out what your body is doing.

And if you follow the rules *exactly* NFP can be 98-99% effective, but that means really following all of the rules, not just thinking you know what is happening and taking a risk. It's hard in the beginning, but once you figure it out, so awesome to just *know* what your body is doing, and it works quite well!
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