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Re: The clutter is haunting me!

Originally Posted by Punkin View Post
if it helps mama, here's our declutter thread if you need some support!

Its something so many of us struggle with and I'm due in August and I just can't STOP. I feel like I"m not comfy in my own house and I have already pared down our lifes so much, so... lol I'm really becoming picky now and I fall into bed exhausted from working so hard and lifting and moving and doing laps cleaning and decluttering my house! I hear you.... hang in there... I figure it has to stop sometime... either I have the baby or I finally become too big to physically allow myself t0 DO all this!
thanks!! I want to pair down SO much more. It's just easier for me. I'm the one that maintains the house, and it's so much quicker to do when there is no clutter/extra junk to deal with; you obviously know what I mean!
I just actually tried to give our bed a little shove over since I put the P&P next to our bed and don't have much room to walk in between, but that's outta my league. I'll have DH do it.
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