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Re: i don't know what to do :(

I would contact the principle again and have a talk with him about what happen. I am sure it was not done intentionally, things get overlooked. But, if you had a bad experience with the Kindergarten teacher last year you should not have to deal with her again this year. Teachers are people too, each with their own quirks and it may just be a personality conflict. If there are five other kindergarten teachers at the school I would demand to have my daughter switched.
I had a first grade teacher who did not like or understand me at all and was ready to fail me. She told my parents I was "slow". My parents had to fight the school to change my teacher for half a year but they did end up changing me and I had a wonderful second half of first grade with a teacher who understood me. I did great in school from that point on but imagine if that teacher had failed me what that would have done to my self esteem. I dont know if I would have belived in myself enough to go and get my bachlors if I stayed with that teacher so yes SOME teachers can be toxic to SOME children.
You are your childs advocate and make as much noise as you have to to do what is right for your child.
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