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Re: i don't know what to do :(

Originally Posted by Deanner03 View Post
Honestly, I'd just leave everything alone. They're going to have to learn to deal with people they may not like at some point. They'll have people in classes, work, etc that they dont' like in the future, including teachers and bosses. They have to learn to deal with these people. The earlier the better. I'd advise you to be as positive as possible, as you don't want your lo to go to school with a negative impression of her teacher. I know it's hard to see them deal with people like that, but stay strong
This is EXACTLY what i was going to say.
My DD had the mean teacher. The very next year DS had the SAME exact teacher. But for the reasons the PP stated, I left it all alone. Everything happens for a reason, its a learning experience.
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