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Need some advice.

We have homeschooled Will since he was in K - so for 2 yrs now. Next year we were planning on putting him and Aiden in school (Aiden will start K next year) but now Im not sure if that is such a good idea. We are planning to buy a house around Oct/Nov and since we aren't sure where we will find a house we like they may end up switching school districts at the beginning/middle of the school year. The reason we were going to put them in school is because probably the following year (2011-2012 school year) I would be doing student teaching sometime during that school year and finding daycare for 4 kids would be tough (plus homeschooling them while Im basically working full time would be tough also!) Now Im not so sure this is the right choice. I just don't know what to do now. If we wait till the following year all three of the will be in school (Will 3rd, Aiden 1st and Andrew K). What do you think you would do in this situation - Im setting up a poll.
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