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Originally Posted by kannondicarpo
Between my husband and I we usually ask about transfer rates, their "worst" delivery and how it was handled, cut-off dates (ie. not before 36/37 weeks, not past 42/43 weeks), their certification in neonatal resuscitation, their procedure for post partum bleeding/hemorrhaging, how long they have been practicing solo (as in not under the eye of a senior midwife), if they will deliver breech/twins.

There are some other things but that is what is coming to mind at the moment. Good luck mama. I hope that it is a good fit for you.
Wow...thank you!! I wouldn't have though of half of that. My mind shut off about 3 weeks ago during the pregnancy. Lol. There are only 2 local birth centers and the one is already full so I hope everything goes well with them tomorrow. I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one side I have drs who will push epidurals etc...and on the other side I have the midwife. So if we don't like them I'm not sure what I'll do.
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